Lessons from Project Management

The PMBOK guide to Project Management describes many best practices, one of them being capturing the Lessons Learned as the project ends. Following are some the lessons that I have learned out of numerous projects that I have managed or have been part of.   Planning It is not hard to imagine situations where promising […]


Social Engineering & Financial Frauds

As an email user, receiving spam in your email inbox bearing the names of popular banks or government departments on the pretext of releasing some funds to you as beneficiary is a routine. It’s simply unbelievable why someone would give you so much money? No logic. But once in a while there are better crafted […]


Start-up Culture @ Corporate

“We need fresh blood in the team”, I overheard a senior manager say to another. May be they weren’t moving in the right direction or may ┬ábe they were not moving at all! But that was some years ago. Now I hear them say “We need start-up culture”. A lot has been written and said […]

Get certified in PMP – DONE

Actor Shah Rukh Khan said in an interview that once he is done shooting with the film and post production work, on the last day he goes home and takes an hour long shower, wiping off the film from his mind. For him ‘It’s done.’, whether his film does good or bad he has to […]

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