Coke Studio – Experiment, Alternative

Ever complained about the trash that gets produced in Indian music industry? Major portion of Indian music comprises of Bollywood film music and like any other industry there is pressure to make money. With increasing movie launches and decreasing shelf life, the movies quickly loose attention of the audience. Producers believe that great music and songs […]

Sufiana Kalaam

Sufi music has been on my mind since last 6-7 years. I can remember that one of the first Sufi artist I listened to was Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The album was Sangam. The song ‘Afreen Afreen‘ had become very popular. The album wasn’t a Sufi music. It was simply pop album for me. […]

What A Wonderful Louis Armstrong!

I had heard this song ‘What A Wonderful World’ some years back. Not sure where I was. Although I liked it, I could not find out more about the song. May be internet was not handy to Google it or may be I simply forgot. During last couple of days I heard it on TV […]