Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

My first contact with Apple was when I was in school and was visiting my friend’s place. Her dad’s coulourful laptop was lying around and I couldn’t help but press a few keys. It was an iBook in blueberry colour. Years later when I got a job, I would buy an iMac on 12 months’ installments. Later on I […]

Get certified in PMP – DONE

Actor Shah Rukh Khan said in an interview that once he is done shooting with the film and post production work, on the last day he goes home and takes an hour long shower, wiping off the film from his mind. For him ‘It’s done.’, whether his film does good or bad he has to […]

Lemon Rice

When I was studying in Bangalore one of of my favourite food served at the hostel was Lemon Rice. Each day of the week had fixed breakfast. I faintly remember that Sundays served Dosa, Mondays served Puri Aloo Subji. Tuesdays was Idli Sambhar. I don’t remember everything but yeah Lemon Rice day was eagerly awaited. […]

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